Councilmember Kendall Schumacher

Kendall Schumacher and her husband Jerry moved to Prescott Valley in 2014, along with their dogs, and have enjoyed every moment here! Kendall was raised in a family that served in the military and in community outreach. She learned early to see both sides of an issue. "Our family would debate a current event at the dinner table, and half way through my father would calmly say 'switch sides,' so that we would see another point of view," Kendall says.

Kendall has been active as a leader in Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts, with the Chamber of Commerce as a former business owner, and has been involved with all the activities of raising children to be responsible adults. She absolutely loves being a grandma.

Kendall has served on a building committee for 12 years, to help design and build a Catholic church and see it to completion. She enjoys her time as a member of the choir, playing flute and singing. As a concerned citizen, she is willing to give her time wherever she will be needed.

A strong commitment to ethics and Integrity has led Kendall into real estate, and as an agent and a resident she understands that we all have concerns with water and property rights. She recently graduated from the Prescott Valley Citizen’s Academy, and hopes that everyone will take the time to attend to this introduction to all the Town offers. When asked why she became involved in the politics here, she replies,  “Why aren’t you? Everyone should be!”

Kendall understands firsthand the importance of the local employment opportunities for our working families to be able to stay in this beautiful community and raise their families. She is happy to have ability to work closely with local government to bring jobs here and be a part of helping Prescott Valley as it continues to grow and develop.

Kendall is grateful for the legacy left to us by the prior and current leadership of Prescott Valley and hopes to carry that forward for future generations.