Nuisance Animal / Barking Dog

Often times when there is a problem in your neighborhood with nuisance dogs, it is helpful to talk to or leave a note for the animal owner. Keep in mind that your neighbor may not even be aware that there is a problem. Although this may be difficult to do at first, communicating with the animal owner is usually the most effective way to resolve the problem and maintain a friendly neighborhood atmosphere.

Howling DogThe following are some suggested methods for speaking to your neighbor about an animal problem:

  1. Try to do this when you are not frustrated about the barking problem.
  2. When you approach your neighbor, be calm and courteous and plan to discuss the barking problem in a friendly manner. This will usually make a big difference.
  3. Have the attitude that you want to make your neighbor aware of the problem.
  4. Let them know the time of day or night that the problem is occurring.
  5. If possible, agree that you will contact them right away if the problem continues.

In an effort to better serve the Prescott Valley community with animal control issues, Animal Services has the following resources.

For emergent issues involving animals, call dispatch at 928-772-9267

Nuisance Animal Hotline 928-772-5154

The hotline provides the community with a voicemail system to report nuisance animal problems or non-emergency animal concerns. The online Barking Dog Notification form provides a convenient way to notify Animal Services of a barking dog issue in Prescott Valley. The hotline and form are monitored during regular business hours. Messages left after hours will be addressed during regular business hours. For animal related emergencies, please call dispatch at 928-772-9267 (monitored 24/7). 

Barking Dog Notification



    1. Please read the Animal Control Barking Dog Procedures before completing the Barking Dog Notification Report.

    2. STEP 1
      An individual dealing with a barking dog problem must first fill out the Barking Dog Notification Report, which must be returned to the Prescott Valley Department – Animal Control within one week. Failure to complete the form within the required period will result in the Barking Complaint Report being canceled/closed.
    3. By signing the Barking Dog Notification Report, you are stating that during the date(s) and time(s) indicated, the noise of this particular dog(s) exceeded five minutes of barking, was loud, annoying and disturbed you personally. Based on the information provided, Prescott Valley Animal Control will determine if action will be taken. If legal action is taken, a trial will be set at the Town of Prescott Valley Municipal Court. You will be subpoenaed and required to testify in court based on your verification of the evidence contained within this Barking Dog Notification Report and the Nuisance Dog Complaint log.
    4. It is a misdemeanor to make a false report to a peace officer, A.R.S 13-2907.01
    5. STEP 2
      Animal Control Officer will issue the owner of the barking dog a written and/or verbal warning.
    6. STEP 3
      If barking has continued, the complainant would inform Animal Control of the continued problem via the Prescott Valley Police Department – Animal Nuisance Hotline: (928) 772-5154.
    7. STEP 4
      Animal Control Officer will issue a second warning to the owner.
    8. STEP 5
      If barking has not been resolved the complainant would inform Animal Control. Animal Control will provide the complainant a Petition for Nuisance Dog Complaint log. The log can be provided by mail or can pick up at the Prescott Valley Police Department. The log must be completed with in 30 days and return the log to the Prescott Valley Police Department – Animal Control. Failure to complete the log within the required period will result in the Nuisance Dog Complaint log being canceled/closed.
    9. STEP 6
      After Animal Control reviews the Nuisance Dog Complaint log the dog owner may be cited for Disturbing the Peace.
    10. Contact Numbers
      Animal Control Phone: (928)772-5190 | Animal Nuisance Hotline: (928) 772-5154

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