Vision & Mission Statement

official logo of the Town of Prescott Valley Opens in new windowThe Prescott Valley lifestyle is for someone who enjoys a more relaxed pace of life but also wants the excitement of being part of an evolving community. Our mission statement and vision for the future of the Town capture the attitude of our leaders and residents.

Town of Prescott Valley Mission Statement

The mission of the Town of Prescott Valley is to inspire and sustain a dynamic, innovative and prosperous community through the combined talents of our citizenry.

Vision Statement: Prescott Valley 2025

Prescott Valley is a recognized modern and vibrant regional urban destination in northern Arizona. We are the center for medical services, transportation options and educational and employment opportunities, and comprise a diverse cultural and ethnic base. Our small town character and a sense of community have been valued and retained as a part of our emergence as a regional leader.

New residential developments have contributed to the unique character brought about by the individuality of our neighborhoods within our community. We remain a safe, attractive and affordable place for families to live, work and play.

Community commerce has evolved to a mix of densities, intensities and uses. Established business areas have flourished, while new business and employment gateways have been developed.

We, as a community, have capitalized upon and continue to protect our clean and beautiful natural environment and our financial and human resources to ensure a sustainable future. The diversity of our population is viewed as an asset by our community leaders and continues to shape our vision.

official Town seal of Prescott Valley, ArizonaGoals

  • Preserve and sustain the elements of our environment
  • Expand and diversify water resources
  • Support and encourage activities and events
  • Maintain a safe community
  • Improve infrastructure
  • Maximize citizen involvement in achieving our vision
  • Maximize and diversify revenue sources
  • Ensure growth with General Plan 2025
  • Increase and diversify our economic base
  • Improve regional cooperation