Billing / Payments

Paying Your Bill

Your bill is due and payable on or before the due date printed on the bill.   Your payment may be made by these methods:

Mail - Send a check or money order in the enclosed envelope with the bottom portion of your bill.
Do not send cash.

Night Drop Box - For your after-hours convenience, we have a drop box located in the parking lot in front of the Civic Center.  Place your payment stub and check or money order in a clearly marked envelope with your name and address on it.  Payments deposited after 3pm are posted the next business day.

On-line - We accept credit card payments through our Web site at this link. You must first establish a Personal Identification Number in advance before you can make an on-line payment.  See the Web site for details.  Payments made after 3pm are posted the next business day. 

Over The Phone - We accept debit/credit card payments (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express) over the phone at 928-759-3120. Please have your Town account number and debit/credit card information ready.

In Person - We accept cash, checks, money orders and debit or credit cards at the Civic Center at the 2nd floor Cashier Window.

Bank Draft - You can have your utility bill automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. Please contact the Customer Accounts Division at 928-759-3020 for details. You must complete a form with your account information and furnish us with a voided check. The form is available in our office, on the Web site or we can mail it to you.

Credit Cards

Automatic Payment Deductions for Utility Accounts

Never worry about being late or missing a payment. The Town of Prescott Valley can automatically deduct your bill from your designated financial account each month on the due date that appears on your bill. You will continue to receive your monthly utilities bill indicating your consumption, amount owed and due date. The total amount of your bill will be automatically and electronically deducted from your designated financial account each month on the due date that appears on your bill and is transferred to the Town of Prescott Valley. In addition, you will receive notice of the transfer on statements provided to you by your financial institution. Please call the Town's Utility Division if you need further information, at 928-759-3020.


Print out the Utility Billing Bank Drafting Authorization Form (PDF) or pick up a form from the 2nd floor Utilities counter at the Civic Center.

Verify with your financial institution that it participates in automatic transfer programs (you would be responsible for any fees your financial institution may charge).

Continue to pay your bills directly to the Town of Prescott Valley until the first automatic transfer can take place which can take a month to occur. You are responsible for any insufficient fund transfer attempts. The Town assesses a $25 fee for insufficient fund transfer attempts and your financial institution may also assess a separate fee.

E-Bill Notification Available

The Town of Prescott Valley is pleased to offer an e-notification option so you can receive information about your water/sewer bill by email. All you need to have is a valid email address that we can add to your account.