Public Records

Arizona law gives citizens access to a wide variety of government records, from local zoning information and licensing information on various businesses to police reports. The forms are being provided by the Town Clerk's office to assist citizens in obtaining these government records from the Town of Prescott Valley.

Public Records Access Policy

The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures for the handling requests for access to public records and other matters in the possession of the Town of Prescott Valley. All information collected and maintained by the Town will generally be considered public unless it is classified as private or confidential or otherwise protected from disclosure in the best interests of the Town.

The Town Clerk or his/her designee will be primarily responsible for administering these procedures. These procedures are intended to inform the public as to their rights under Arizona open records laws, and recognize the responsibility of local government to provide records accessibility to historians, genealogists and others who carry out research, as well as to be open and accountable to the public while still protecting legitimate privacy and confidentiality interests.