Sept 8, 2023: PV Council Hears Proposal for Contract to Collect Data, Prioritize Road Maintenance

worker repairing road

As part of Prescott Valley’s Council Strategic Plan, the Public Works team is working to upgrade its evaluation and scheduling of repairs and improvements to Town roadways.

Public Works proposes to hire Roadway Asset Services (RAS) as a consultant to provide tools that can index all existing pavement conditions to assist the Department in better evaluating and scheduling future road repairs and improvements.

Roadway Asset Services works with communities throughout Arizona and across the country to manage their road pavement surfaces. Zac Thomason, RAS Senior Vice President, presented the company’s services to the Council during Thursday’s Council Study Session. Thomason explained the benefits of pavement management, to include extending pavement design life at the lowest cost, reducing the cost of roadway ownership, improving the level of service over the roadway’s life, and scheduling costly rehabilitation at optimum times.

RAS will employ a roadway asset collection van that will process data every 15 feet on an existing roadway and measure cracking, rutting and roughness, and other pavement deterioration. The consultant will then share the data and results with Town staff, who can prioritize the roads most in need of repairs or rehabilitation.

“The whole purpose of this contract is to use defensible data and sound financial management to select critical roads such that they do not become more costly for the Town,” Thomason said.

After Council approval, the project is scheduled for completion in five to six months.

For more information, please call Prescott Valley Public Works at 928-759-3070.