Snow Operations

Prescott Valley Modern Building in the snow

The Town of Prescott Valley is responsible for keeping local roadways and Town facilities safe and operational during winter months. During storm events, the Town relies on staffing from streets, parks, and facilities divisions to provide the most efficient and effective operational capacity. 

The Town has developed a Winter Storm Management Plan and includes specific standard operating procedures that are revised annually. The Plan ensures impacts to Town operations, emergency services, commerce, educational, employment, recreational, and leisure activities are minimized as much as possible during adverse weather conditions. Common practices include snowplowing, spreading abrasives to improve traction, and providing traffic controls.

Priorities & Target Time Frames

There are approximately 33 miles of arterial streets, 42 miles of collector streets, and 246 miles of residential streets in the Town. The Town also has several operational facilities that require access to ensure vital operational functions are not interrupted. Crews make multiple passes to plow snow from these streets and facilities, resulting in hundreds of miles traveled during a typical storm event.

The Winter Storm Management Plan includes clearing first priority streets and Town operations open at all times. During all-weather events, there are three (3) critical considerations: Timing, Texture (Precipitation Type), and Temperature.

The timing of snowstorms can create challenges. If the Town receives snow right before the morning or evening commute hours, it can be difficult to keep first priority routes open/passable. 

Depending upon the amount of accumulation, approximately 4-6 hours are required to plow and cinder the first priority streets one (1) time. Time is the most important element in providing efficient and safe snow operations.

Snow PlowsFirst priority areas consist of the following:

  • Main Arterials & Collectors
  • Major Hills
  • Bridges
  • Critical Town facilities access and parking 

All other streets and areas are considered second priority areas.

The Plan also sets the following target time frames for plowing based on the amount of snowfall received throughout the months of November to March: 

  • 0 to 3 inches of snow - First priority areas only
  • 3 to 8 inches of snow - Second priority areas completed within 12 hours
  • 8 to 12 inches of snow - Second priority areas completed within 18 hours
  • Over 12 inches of snow - Second priority areas completed within 36 hours

Cindering Procedures

Cinders are applied to major hills, signalized intersections, shaded areas, problem areas, and stop signed intersections. We limit the use of cinders in residential areas and flat roads. Cinders must be reapplied frequently due to traffic pushing the cinders into the snow/ice, crushing, or blowing off the roadway.

De-Icing Agents

The Town may apply a mix of de-icer and cinders on major arterials, steep hills, bridges, and at signalized intersections.aerial photo of the Prescott Valley Civic Center covered in snow

Snow Operations Procedures - Post Event

Continued post storm clean-up efforts include revisiting areas for additional snow removal, storm drain clearing, ice monitoring & periodic application of additional abrasives (especially at intersections, bridges, or hills), and community sweeping to clear abrasives/ residual storm effects.

The fleet, operated by the streets, parks, and facilities divisions, includes 26 total units ranging in size from 10-wheel dump trucks outfitted with plows, to small tractors with plows utilized for parking areas.

If you have questions about snow operations in the Town of Prescott Valley, call the Public Works Office at (928) 759-3070 during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 8am-5pm). 

Additional Information

Visit the Town's Facebook page for current Town plowing information.