Performance Management

High Performing Teams – ‘Real Time’ Coaching and Mentoring 

The Town of Prescott Valley is committed to the efforts of our workforce being designed around the concept of High Performing Teams. Individual employee commitment to being a part of a high performing team is experienced in how we conduct our business and ourselves through our culture, diversity. Communication, delivery, outreach, processes and values. What we do, how we do it and who we do it for.

Focus areas within the Town’s Strategic Plan related to High Performing Team commitment includes:performance management graphic

• Achieving an ‘employee engagement’ score that improves by at least 10% for the next three years.

• Within 5 years, the Town of Prescott Valley will rank within the upper quartile of the most desirable places to live in Arizona.

• Annually maintain or exceed current bond ratings including reviewing all fiscal reserve policies ensuring best practices and opportunities for advanced benchmarking.

• Achieve 75% citizen satisfaction ranking or highly satisfied with overall Town services.

• Expand Town internship programs within the Town organization by 1500 hours within 5 years.

Employe performance is comprised of two parts: outcomes and behaviors. Outcomes are the result of daily efforts.  Behaviors are an employee’s attitude and interpersonal relations. Both matter! Prescott Valley’s employee performance is assessed every day.  We do not believe in annual reviews. Thus, supervisors are tasked with continuous management of performance outcomes and behaviors. Annually, we believe in setting goals for our organization, departments, teams and individuals. The goals that we set are designed to improve what we do to better serve our residents, businesses and visitors.  Every employee is critical to the sustained achievement and services within our community. Every employee is critical to the Town’s overall success.