Councilmember Michael Greer

Michael Greer grew up in Santa Barbara, California with her artist Mother and architect Father who designed homes, high schools, banks, and public buildings. She graduated from Santa Barbara High School, attended Stephens College in Missouri, and then returned to Santa Barbara where she married and started a family. Two months before moving here she couldn’t imagine ever leaving California where her two daughters, their husbands and her four grandsons live. 

In the 1970’s Michael moved to Los Angeles to begin a 30-year career in the entertainment industry as a Casting Director. She cast more than a hundred series, pilots, movies of the week, mini-series and feature films. Casting requires negotiating contracts, navigating difficult relationships, and staying updated on the evolving rules and regulations of the industry. 

When Michael retired from casting, she grew concerned with the direction California was taking. She attended school board meetings, Town Council meetings, the Sheriff’s Civilian Oversight Commission, and started a blog reporting on them. Michael ran for the California Central Committee for the 41st district and served for 4 years. 

In 2009 Michael became a member of a non-profit, America Freedom Alliance, founded by lawyer, Avi Davis. Avi sent Michael across the country to report on various conferences and events. For the next 15 years Michael wrote and spoke to groups about what she learned. In 2015, Avi’s untimely death at the age of 57 resulted in the board continuing the work of American Freedom Alliance and Michael becoming Vice President. 

She was appointed as a delegate for the 2016 Republican Convention and did a great deal of outreach with underserved communities. However, when her peaceful neighborhood became overwhelmed with homelessness she realized the California she grew up in and loved was gone. Michael moved to Prescott Valley in March 2020.

The friendly, welcoming community of Prescott Valley made Michael's move to a new state and town easier for her. She is impressed by all the community activities available in Prescott Valley. Michael is interested in thoughtful, responsible growth, attracting more businesses and tourism,  while preserving Prescott Valley’s small-town personality.


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    Michael Greer

    Phone: 928-759-3100