Prescott Valley Strategic Plan

The Prescott Valley Town Council during a retreat in summer 2021, finalized a strategic plan to guide the Town into the future.

During the retreat, Council and staff, through team building, idea sessions and more, developed an action plan to gain clear agreement of the future direction of Prescott Valley. This included understanding of how Town staff will use the plan to guide their work, and how the plan fits into other Town documents, such as the General Plan.  

The plan outlines four elements Council and staff will focus on:  

· High Performing Team – includes employee engagement, ranking of desirable places to live in Arizona, maintain or exceed the Town’s current bond rating, achieve 75 

percent citizen satisfaction with overall Town services, and expand the Town’s internship program.  

· Water Stewardship – includes increasing the Town’s water recharge capacity, increasing natural recharge through watershed restoration and stormwater management, and future water importation.  

· Quality of Life – includes annually installing and maintaining 100 percent of possible crosswalk connectivity for safe street crossings, obtaining and enhancing additional areas of active and passive open space, and improving the Town’s connectivity through sidewalks, walking and biking path, and trails.  

· Prosperous Community – Includes increasing tourism, increasing the number of households earning at or above the median household income, reducing property crimes and reducing police emergency response times.  

Each of the Strategic Plan elements includes a timeline, and Town employees are participating in teams to innovate and complete each one. 

Strategic Plan -2