General Plan 2035


The Town of Prescott Valley during Summer 2021 will begin the process of updating its General Plan. Voters approved the previous plan, General Plan 2025, in March 2013, and by State law, the Town must update the document every 10 years. 

The General Plan serves as a guide for the Town’s physical, economic and social development. It is a compilation of goals, policies and implementation strategies reflecting the vision of the Town’s citizens. The Plan is used by staff, the Planning & Zoning Commission, other Town boards and commissions, and the Town Council to make land use, public infrastructure, and other development-related decisions involving economic vitality, environmental quality, and other aspects of life in the community.

Plan elements generally include Land Use, Open Space, Growth, Environmental Planning and Water Resources, Cost of Development, Housing, and Economic Development. General Plan 2035 will also include Education and Public Safety elements.  

The Town proposes to review and update the plan over the next 10 months, including changes to text, maps, charts, and diagrams. Updated Census data will be included as it becomes available. An extensive Public Participation Plan will include a series of work-study meetings with the Planning and Zoning Commission.

It is anticipated that the new Prescott Valley General Plan 2035 could be scheduled for Town Council consideration and adoption in June 2022, then placed on the General Election Ballot for citizen consideration in November 2022.