Learning Together by Jeff Carol Davenport

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“Learning Together” is a traditional bronze sculpture depicting a boy reaching a ball out to an eager dog. The artist, Jeff Carol Davenport, based the sculpture off her own son and dog. Since the mid-nineteenth century, American women have pursued careers as professional sculptors. The first “school” of women sculptors arose around Rome-based Harriet Hosmer in the mid-1800s. Hosmer, Edmonia Lewis, Emma Stebbins, and others studied and established studios in Italy, taking advantage of access to trained carvers and craftsmen as well as the ready supply of white statuary marble. These artists worked in the prevailing Neoclassical style for their monuments and smaller commissions and broke new ground through their independent lifestyles and emphasis on career over marriage and motherhood. Opportunities and access for female sculptors has come a long way since that time, represented wonderfully in this piece by a modern female bronze sculptor.